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Yorkville, East Side of Manhattan 1

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Yorkville, a community on the east side of Manhattan in New York City. Sharing Yorkville Family Names, Bakeries, Bars and Restaurants,Candy Stores, Grocery Stores, Streets, Schools, and Fun on the Streets.

Additional Yorkville content: Characters MIA,Character Stories, Landmarks, Entertainment,Yorkville Videos, Every Yorkville Link, Books,Yorkville Tale, and Yorkville Miscellaneous.

Additional resources for people from Yorkville to reach out to old friends with: Guestbook,Message Boards and Blogs, Additional Yorkville Links, Yorkville Books and News

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Other Content: Dougherty Genealogy, U S Marines, Life Characters, Italian Characters, Miscellaneous, Videos, and my favorite is Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

Check out what's growing in Dougherty's garden. The garden is broken down into: Palms, Cycads, Flowers, Plants, Trees, Garden Area, Palm Seedlings, Unknown Palm Seedlings, Creatures, Dougherty's Garden Videos.

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Here is the original message board started many years ago and still has a following that only posts on the Original Yorkville Message Board. Stop by if you get a chance Original Yorkville Message Board, Yorkville - UPPER EASTSIDE - 35 & OLDER PLEASE, Yorkvillagers, St. Joseph Church and School - Yorkville (New York City), St. Stephen of Hungary (New York City), If you have any questions, please send them to Marty Dougherty at doherty167@yahoo.com and let me know. Want to share a picture, tell a story to share, etc. just let me know or send it as an attachment to your email.

Original Yorkville Message Board

Original Yorkville Message Board

Marty Dougherty at doherty167@yahoo.com


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Over the years, I have uploaded videos as babypalms but lost access after prodigy disappeared. My next attempt was as canthishappen until my Yahoo a/c was hacked. Finally, now as greendougherty and also received access as canthishappen as a content provider for the Dougherty Garden videos.


1st Set of Videos on You Tube under babypalms


2nd Set of Videos on You Tube as canthishappen


3rd Set of Videos on You Tube as greendougherty



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