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     March 6, 2013
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Dougherty's Garden - The Garden Index

Dougherty's Garden Index

Dougherty's Garden is broken down into PalmsCycads, Flowers, Trees, Plants, and Animals.

Along with tacking pictures of these plants, I was able to put quite a bit of information together about some of these plants and offered them as notes on several of the pages. If you have a question as to care, I have no problem trying to offer any advice I may have experienced while these plants were in my care. Gardening is a great stress reliever and offers great rewards when you put in the time and energy. The visual rewards are rather enticing to experience.




Maintaining Dougherty's Garden

Dougherty's Garden maintenance is broken down into the following areas: Palm and Plant Maintenance, Soils and Soil Additives,


Everything else in Dougherty's Garden

The Dougherty Garden is broken down into areas for easier access to plant retrieval: Area A, Area B, Area C, Area D, Area E, Area F, Area G, Area H, Area I, Area J, Area K, Area L, Area M.




Transition of a Washingtonia seedling into a mature palm tree.

Washingtonia robusta palm from seedling to palm tree (You Tube Video)

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