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Books on Yorkville

“Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up In New York City, 1944-1962”

Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up in New York City, 1944-1962By Joseph and John Gindele

Click here to learn more about ordering this book.  - Yorkville Twins


There are several books written recently on Yorkville. Below is a partial listing of books that I have read that provide some insight to our small community of Yorkville. Most of these books can be purchased on the internet.

One Day As I Stood Lonely: YORKVILLE A Memoir by KEVIN N. Boland

Inside My Father's House by MSGR. GEORGE A. KELLY

The Yorkville Historian

Don't forget to check our the Yorkville Historian, Kathy Jolowicz, who has a presentation in the neighborhood and also available at the following web site.

The Yorkville/Kleindeutschland Historical Society

Story Telling by Tommy Pryor

Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts

hosted by Thomas Pryor

Tuesday from 9pm to 10pm on the Centanni Broadcasting Network.

Tommy Pryor has been story telling for a long time all around the city. Now you can join Tommy Pryor on Tuesday evenings and enjoy those stories without coming to the city. Also, stop by Tommy's Yorkville Stoop to Nuts Blog for his stories.

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